About Danielle

Danielle L'Don Is a licensed skin care esthetician who had the unique experience of growing up in Alsace, France. This rural village knew little about standard medicine during Danielle's childhood and when injury or illness befell someone, the women of the village would turn to community folk remedies and used those ingredients that were readily available - herbs.

"Sometimes we had to fetch all sorts of herbs," Danielle said of her childhood in natural medicine. "We had older experienced women in the village who knew the art of healing with herbs and that's how we learned."

When Danielle came to America she first lived in Boston and then moved to California, where she studied skin care. She became one of the first licensed estheticians in California.

Danielle however, was struck early on by what she saw as a medicated society. "I came to America and realized everyone was over-medicated," Danielle said. "I could see people popping pills."

Her deep sense of humanity drove her to create products to heal and nurture the health of those around her. For her, natural healing is a quest to bring goodness into the world. When asked what drives her to develop products like ViraFungal Fighter, she replied that she doesn't like to see suffering. "It makes my heart hurt," Danielle said.

Danielle passed away in 2018 and is survived by her daughter Michelle.



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Danielle was a model in both England and The United States is where her love of beauty came into our life.  She always took great care of her body, eating well and exercise was very important to her.   In 1974 we moved to Los Angeles and my mother went to school to become one of the first licensed estheticians in California. First, she created her Danielle L’Don Natural Skin Care based on her herbal knowledge from the farm land in France and started her first business in 1976. In her life she created over many different beauty products and had 4 vibrant businesses in Orange County.  She served all who were looking for healthy, clean way of life.

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Her last two products and her most proud were  Virafungal Fighter and Virafungal Fighter for Pets.

I am happy to continue on her legacy.  Thank you for your continued business and my family and I look forward to giving you as good as service as my mother has in her many years of business.   


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 Michelle L'Don

Danielle's Daughter

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