"All the doctors could give me for my foot was something with steroids in it. Nothing else worked. Then I tried ViraFungal Fighter. I two days I saw the difference. The virus (or whatever, the doctors do not even know) started to go away. Three days after that day my feet were cleared up. Thanks."

-- Anthony D.

"I am an insulin dependent diabetic on dialysis. A sudden recurrence of the shingles changed from unbearable itching to agonizing pain around my waistline. I began using ViraFungal Fighter at noon on a Thursday and by 4 p.m. that afternoon the pain had almost totally subsided. After continued oral and topical application, it has not returned. I recommend it to everyone I know. It is miraculous!"

-- Olympia M.

"I use ViraFungal Fighter as a body deodorant, to clear my sinuses, and to ward off ear infections. I used the product on a bug-bite and within five minutes the itching stopped, the swelling and the redness went away. After spraying my nose I was able to breathe within minutes. Thank you, Danielle."

-- S.Y.L.

"I'm so grateful for your ViraFungal Fighter on my hives with amazing results. Within minutes, the itching was gone, and after only a few days of use, the lesions had dried up and were gone."

--Alesandra T.

"Thank you very much for ViraFungal Fighter. My whole family loves it. My husband uses ViraFungal Fighter on his cold sores and they dry fast, and my children use it on their scrapes. I use it for everything. I love viraFungal Fighter. Thank you."

--Veronica A.O.

"ViraFungal Fighter is very effective in the treatment of cold/flu and allergy symptoms in addition to sinus congestion. the results are almost immediate in response and there are no side effects or risks in using this product. I recommend Virafungal Fighter to my patients, family and friends with confidence."

--Dr. Judith L. Steinhouser, D.C.

"I met you on Mother's Day, 2005, at Mother's Market. I was searching for a cleansing regimen and you caught me. You introduced your products to me while my two children waited patiently. I purchased the cleaning products you recommended, and you gave me two samples of ViraFungal Fighter. A couple of weeks ago my two little ones managed to get pink-eye (conjunctivitis). Then I remembered my samples of ViraFungal Fighter. I began putting one drop in the infected eye of my daughter every hour. Then I decided to treat the other eye also, as usually this spreads with kids. It was gone in 3 days. My 4-year-old started to show symptoms and I treated it immediately and it was gone overnight! Wow! Now I need to go buy a bottle before my sample runs out. Thank you."

--Denise O.

"I went to Mother's (Market) celebration on Saturday and picked up your pamphlet. I read it over and over. I bought a bottle of ViraFungal Fighter on Wednesday, sprayed it into my mouth several times during the day. I was amazed at the fact that my ears, throat and eyes did not itch in no time. My allergies have been bothering me since March. I got to the point where my hearing stayed in my head and I always sounded nasal. My voice was always sounding so shaky. I was so excited at the results. I was also so excited that I could use this on my dog, as she gets itchy like so many of them do. I sprayed her itchy spots and some on her teeth and ears. Is that too much in one day? She drank a lot of water too. I can't wait to write to you about my full recovery. Thank you."


"Thank you so much for a wonderful, amazing product! For years my dad has suffered from chronic dry eyes. He was treated with the best prescription medication, but nothing really worked. Two years ago he started using your product, and he felt an immediate improvement. Thank you for succeeding where medications failed!"


"Thank you so very, very much for sending the ViraFungal Fighter. Not only have we already benefited from it, but Newman (our adorable kitty) has no more fleas, in two short days! You are a wonderful woman and do beautiful work. Thank you!"


"I met you about three years ago at Mother's Market in Costa Mesa and have seen you a couple of other times at other stores. It sure was a pleasure to have met you! I thank you for having shared with me the wonderful product "ViraFungal Fighter." I've used it ever since and every time I feel my throat is getting raspy it goes away before I know it.

"Also, my son who is an avid sports person would ask me what he could take when he gets a cold or the flu. My response was, 'Do you want to play right away or do you prefer to sit on the bench with the other sick young men?' Of course his response was, 'I want to play!' I then proceeded to tell him what he needed to take, which was ViraFungal Fighter and take it faithfully. Well, let me tell you, he consumes your product since then and I'm happy to tell you he's graduating this December 2004 and very healthy!

"I have everyone at the gym using ViraFungal Fighter and every person that walks into my business or home leaves with a piece of paper with the product's name written on it or a bottle of their own. It feels great knowing that I'm helping someone have better health!"

--Elizabeth O.